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If you discover something that does not work properly with your browser or operating system, please inform the webmaster!

This web site (and the people behind it) are indebted to many. These start with the American taxpayer, who subsidize our organization through NIH/ORIP*. This is not just rhetoric -- we believe that basic and applied neuroscience research will be less expensive and more productive through shared instrument designs.

Just as the designs described herein are available for free, this web site depends on a number of very capable free software packages. The number of individuals and organizations (in both for-profit and non-profit companies) who have contributed to these packages - from all over the world - is uncountable. Below are a few links to some of the larger efforts that form the foundation for this web site.

Free Linux Debian: a free Linux sysem A Django site Django: a web framework in Python
ACID-compliant DB Postgresql: an advanced open-source database Maintainable scripting Python: a modern scripted language

And while this is written as a nascent web site, we also anticipate a substantial contribution from users who have uploaded their ingenious designs for the use of researchers everywhere!

We hope that you won't have any problems with this web site - but it would deny our experience to think that no errors might ever occur. The following form is primarily meant as a mechanism to handle "cannot log-in" kinds of problems. For problems with a specific design or experimental challenge, please use the mechanisms within the specific design pages.

While we cannot promise any particular timeliness in our response, you are welcome to send us complaints (or even praise!) through the following form. Please be as specific and concise as reasonably possible.

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It was discovered recently (Apr 2011) that this e-mail system was broken. This has been fixed.

* The National Institutes of Health should not be confused with the Not Invented Here syndrome!